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Re: release updates and roadmap discussion

Posted by Trond Norbye 
Trond Norbye
Re: release updates and roadmap discussion
September 01, 2009 10:40AM
dormando wrote:
> Hey,
> I wasn't really intending on doing another 1.3-like series. Since the new
> protocol was a Big Deal and a Forward Standard we had to give it a lot of
> time and a few good public revisions before solidifying on it. I don't
> think any of our forward internal changes really require this.

> 1.5 would thus be another fully stable tree but with some significant
> change. The tree reorg and/or engine support are probably worth that bump.
> We should be able to keep the release cycle on this nearly consistent
> schedule and slowly filter in these more major changes.
> For example:
> 1.4.2 - more minor feature enhancements, build fixes, bug fixes
> 1.4.3 - tree rewrite

The tree rewrite isn't really needed, but I think it would make a more
clean view of the internal modules.

> 1.5.0 - engine merge
> 1.5.1 - regex expire or whatev.
> 1.5.2 - engine fixes, la la la.

Sound good to me.


> ... in the meantime, as we work on 1.4.2, and filter in these changes, the
> target for 1.5.0 should get more public scruitiny. Posts on the mailing
> list to review/play/design against the API, etc. That, in my opinion, will
> obviate the need for a development series of releases.
> The above is an example. If everything looks okay with the engine code
> it's entirely plausible for 1.4.3 to be skipped.
> Thoughts?
> -Dormando
> On Wed, 19 Aug 2009, Matt Ingenthron wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Since a number of memcached contributors and client authors were in one place
>> at the Drizzle conference this week in Seattle we had a short discussion about
>> the release roadmap for stable and development branches. I captured much of
>> the discussion and it's posted on the wiki:
>> http://code.google.com/p/memcached/wiki/DevelopmentRoadmap
>> It is prefaced with dormando's proposed release cycle, which I think myself
>> and Dustin have replied to. The roadmap items are also in a proposal state,
>> so if you have any thoughts, work you have in the pipeline or things you'd
>> like to see, please jump into the conversation here on the list.
>> Thanks,
>> - Matt
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