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memcached out of the box versus behavior tweaks

Posted by Patrick Galbraith 
Patrick Galbraith
memcached out of the box versus behavior tweaks
October 21, 2010 05:11PM
Hi all,

Just wondering about a few things while pondering - what are most people
using in terms of memcached out of the box - starting it up with a
particular size, but not setting any particular behavior, or what
settings have people modified in the behavior of the client that they've
found useful for their installations?

Also, for large installations, what have people found works better - one
large instance or smaller multiple instances? I'm thinking if you were
to use buckets, that the latter wouldn't be as necessary.

Re: memcached out of the box versus behavior tweaks
October 28, 2010 03:30AM
I'm interested in this too. I have a couple machines with 128GB of RAM
in each. I noticed the CentOS RPM I was using doesn't seem to let you
use more than 2GB of RAM per instance. I'd guess because it's 32bit.
Would it be better to have several 2GB instances as virtual machines
or a single massive instance? I have a 2GB instance on each physical
machine running now but they are completely inadequate as evictions
are a common problem.
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