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memcache++ update

Posted by Dean Michael Berris 
Dean Michael Berris
memcache++ update
October 07, 2010 11:00AM
Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up, I've made a few changes to the memcache++ library
which is a ground-up rewrite alternative to libmemcached that relies
on the Boost C++ Library intended to be used in C++ applications. I
set up a new mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/memcachepp
and just released version 0.12.1 which uses a more efficient text
protocol parser based on Boost.Spirit.

The documentation is also available online now through
http://mikhailberis.github.com/memcachepp/docs/0.12.1/ -- feedback
would be most appreciated.

As a backgrounder, memcache++ is a header-only memcache client library
written in modern C++ meant to be used in high performance C++-based
services. This was developed from within Friendster and is now being
maintained by yours truly outside of Friendster.

Thanks and I hope this helps!

Dean Michael Berris
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