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Error : Failed to write, and not due to blocking: Broken pipe

Posted by Ashish Joshi 
Hi all,

I am using Fauna/memcached client (in Ruby) with memcached.
I am trying to do a Multiget of around 20,000 items. But I sometimes get
this error:

*Failed to write, and not due to blocking: Broken pipe*

Moreover, the error is unpredictable. When I have 6 memcached server
instances, I always get this error when trying to do a multiget of 20,000
items. When I have 3 server instances, I can do a multiget of upto 80,000
items without any error. (I get the error somewhere around 82,000)

My question is :
1) Why does this error come ?
2) Does it have any relation with the number of servers ? Say I scale my
system tomorrow by adding a dozen more servers, does that mean that this
will limit my ability to "multiget" items ?

Thanks in advance !

Ashish Joshi
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