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[PHP-DEV] PHP extension versions

Posted by Richard Lynch 
Richard Lynch
[PHP-DEV] PHP extension versions
May 05, 2012 03:00PM
I'm terribly sorry, but I managed to delete the original while running
through the thread to be sure I didn't duplicate comments, and my
mailer won't let me respond to a deleted message.

So this will appear as a new thread.

A standard for non-core extension version fields is a great idea.
But if all the core ones are PHP_VERSION, you might as well suppress
it completely, as there's not much point in checking it.

The curl version is in an "Information" field.
The original poster may wish to maintain a list of which extensions
have version information in which fields for now.

It wasn't 100% clear when I read it, but I presume the non-core
extensions wouldn't have all their versions set to PHP_VERSION. That
would make the whole thing completely useless...

brain cancer update:

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