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[PHP-DEV] Assigned bugs with ancient PHP versions

Posted by Jani Taskinen 
Jani Taskinen
[PHP-DEV] Assigned bugs with ancient PHP versions
November 03, 2008 02:40PM
NOTE: Sending again since nobody bothered to reply..

Ilia, Derick, Marcus, Pierre and all others with multiple assigned bug

PLEASE update the assign status by either removing it and commenting
you're the wrong person / you're not going to touch the issue / don't
care / whatever so that others can take a look at the issues.

Now it's a huge list of assigned bugs with oldest being reported in 2004
and nothing happening to the issues after that. And since the reports
are "assigned" they're mostly ignored now.


p.s. Apparently adding comments to assigned bug reports don't generate
mail to the person the bug is assigned to..someone should fix that. ;)

p.p.s. Greg: http://bugs.php.net/43857

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