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[PHP-DEV] request to migrate pear/HTML_Form from svn to github

Posted by Daniel 

i am currently looking through the code behind pecl.php.net and try to make
it work with a newer (7.1) php version.
As part of this I looked into the pear HTML_Form package, as it is marked
as not compatible with php 7

pear/HTML_Form requires PHP (version >= 4.0.0, version <= 6.0.0), installed
> version is 7.1.21

In the next step I noticed, the currently provided version is still served
from svn.php.net and contains more commits/versions then the github
repository of it.

Am I here in the right place to request porting the missing commits to the
github repository, so I can create a pull request there for the
compatibility of newer php versions?

I thought about replacing it with something different, but I believe this
needs a bit more time.
Also it seems for me, there is no major incompatibility with php 7.1, but I
need to test this a bit more. Also this is then another topic.


Best Regards
Daniel Fahlke
aka Flyingmana
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