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[PHP-DEV] Assigning to a reference returned by a function/method

Posted by Claude Pache 
Hi internals,

Today I tried something like that:

function &fooRef(...$args) {
// ... impl details
return $someRef;

fooRef('a', 'b') = 42;

and it failed miserably (Fatal Error: Can't use function return value in write context).

Naturally, as workaround, I could write:

$ref =& fooRef('a', 'b');
$ref = 42;

which is passable for one instruction, but not so much for ten similar instructions in a row.

Another hackier workaround:

function arrayFoo(...$args) {
// ... impl details
$arr = [ &$someRef ];
return $arr;

arrayFoo('a', 'b')[0] = 42;

(... and I was wondering that it worked, while <?php [ &fooRef('a', 'b') ][0] = 42; ?> triggered a fatal error).

So... what do you think? Is it reasonable to allow to assign to a function/method return value, when it is a reference?


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