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[PHP-DEV] The master branch breaks the ZEND_USER_OPCODE

Posted by Haitao Lv 
Haitao Lv
[PHP-DEV] The master branch breaks the ZEND_USER_OPCODE
January 10, 2018 03:30AM

I use the following code the register a new ZEND_USER_OPCODE handler

zend_uchar opcode = ZEND_VM_LAST_OPCODE + 1;

while (1) {
if (opcode == 255) {
return FAILURE;
} else if (zend_get_user_opcode_handler(opcode) == NULL) {
zend_set_user_opcode_handler(opcode, fiber_terminate_opcode_handler);

When I update to the latest master branch and run my php code, it raise a fatal error:

Fatal error: Invalid opcode 199/8/8. in on line 0

Could any one offer some help?

Thank you.

Haitao Lv

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