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[PHP-DEV] Enchant 2

Posted by Christoph M. Becker 
Christoph M. Becker
[PHP-DEV] Enchant 2
October 12, 2017 07:30PM

I've noticed the other day that Enchant 2.0.0 has been released in
August[1]. ext/enchant does not support Enchant 2 yet, however. Only a
few fixes are necessary to make it compile[2], but there is an issue
regarding the PHP functions enchant_broker_set_dict_path() and
enchant_broker_get_dict_path(), which rely on enchant_broker_get_param()
which has been completely removed. Instead there is now a single
function to specify the path where to look for the dictionary files:
enchant_set_prefix_dir()[3]. Apparently, it would be possible to store
the individual paths internally, and to call enchant_set_prefix_dir()
whenever a dictionary is requested or checked for existence, thus
retaining the old functionality.

I have some doubts if this would be sensible, though, because
enchant_broker_(s|g)et_dict_path() only supported the Ispell and
Myspell/Hunspell back-ends anyway. Instead it may be more reasonable to
introduce a new PHP function enchant_set_prefix_dir() which would
directly map to the C function with the same name. Depending on whether
ext/enchant had been compiled with Enchant 1 and 2, respectively, the
other function(s) would not be available. If done this way, the
constants PHP_ENCHANT_MYSPELL and PHP_ENCHANT_ISPELL should neither be
available, if compiled with Enchant 2, because they are only useful for

Somewhat related to supporting Enchant 2 would be the question if we can
lift the requirements to Enchant 1.6.0 (released 2010-04-01). This
version introduced enchant_get_version() (which is still there in
Enchant 2), and would allow us to simplify and clean the libenchant
version info in PHP info[4].

Thoughts? Would that require an RFC?

[1] https://github.com/AbiWord/enchant/releases
[2] https://gist.github.com/cmb69/aa2e5adfc3a08daf16566165d237fba6
[3] <https://github.com/AbiWord/enchant/blob/v2.0.0/src/enchant.h#L358>;

Christoph M. Becker

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