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Re: Rails Spawn plugin under nginx

Posted by Tom Anderson 
Tom Anderson
Re: Rails Spawn plugin under nginx
October 14, 2008 12:20AM
BTW, the problems with Nginx were solved shortly after these messages
appeared. The solution was to have spawn disconnect from the listening
sockets in the child process. You should be able to use Spawn with
nginx without problems now.

Tr Schneit wrote:
> Howdy Corey-
> Thanks for your input. I will look into one of these alternatives.
> Again, thanks for the quick response!
> Corey Donohoe wrote:
>> Hey,
>> Every client we have using spawn at engine yard has problems. The
>> short answer is just don't do it. You need to use real queueing a la
>> bj, backgroundrb, starling, etc. I'm pretty sure that the upstream
>> gets confused with all the fd closing/reopening/reconnecting.
>> __
>> Corey Donohoe
>> cdonohoe@engineyard.com
>> (866) 518-9273 x207

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