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How to create a module to process a data stream during transfer

Posted by jrmarsha 
Hello all,

I am looking for a way to do two things in particular. The first is the be
able to have a way to direct HTTP POST's to a program's stdin with arguments
and to then take its stdout and put that back in the stream being uploaded,
and then to apply this to a flex/bison program or module. This is to handle
300GB files without saving them to disk, but still getting the important
information out of them. Having the general stdin/stdout part is also
because I think this should be more generalized for uploads and downloads in
general so things like streaming video become less of a problem.

Apache does not have their modules set up in such a way as to feasibly do
this without a whole new major revision. Looking at nginx, it looks closer
but I'm still not expert enough to know without help.

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