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Nginx Lua Caching and removing unwanted Arguements for higher HIT ratio issue

Posted by c0nw0nk 
So my issue is mostly directed towards Yichun Zhang (agentzh) if he is still
active here. I hope so.

My problem is I am trying to increase my Cache HIT ratio by removing
arguments from the URL that are fake / unwanted and order the arguments in a
alphabetical (same order every time) for a higher Cache HIT ratio.

Here is my code.

location ~ \.php$ { ##within the PHP location block

## Create fastcgi_param vars

# remove duplicate values like index.php?variable=value&&&&&etc from URL's
for higher cache hit ratio
set_by_lua_block $cache_request_uri {
local function fix_url(s,C)
for c in C:gmatch(".") do
return s

return string.lower(fix_url(ngx.var.request_uri, "+/=&?;~*@$,:"))

#TODO : Order request body variables so they are the same order for higher
cache hit ratio
set_by_lua_block $cache_request_body { return ngx.var.request_body }

# Order Arguement variables for higher cache hit ratio and remove any custom
defined arguements that users may be using to bypass cache in an attempt of
set_by_lua_block $cache_request_uri {
ngx.log(ngx.ERR, "before error: ", ngx.var.request_uri)
ngx.log(ngx.ERR, "test: ", ngx.var.uri)
local function has_value (tab, val)
for index, value in ipairs(tab) do
-- We grab the first index of our sub-table instead
if string.lower(value) == string.lower(val) then
return true

return false

--Anti-DDoS and Remove arguements from URLs
local args = ngx.req.get_uri_args()
local remove_args_table = { --table of blacklisted arguement to remove from
url to stop DoS and increase Cache HIT ratio.
for key,value in pairs(args) do
if has_value(remove_args_table, value) then
--print 'Yep'
--print(value .. " ")
ngx.log(ngx.ERR, "error: ", key .. " | " .. value)
args[key] = nil --remove the arguement from the args table
--print 'Nope'
--for k,v in pairs(args) do --[[print(k,v)]] ngx.log(ngx.ERR, "error: ", k
... " | " .. v) end
ngx.log(ngx.ERR, "after error: ", ngx.var.request_uri)
--return ngx.req.set_uri_args(args)
return ngx.var.uri .. args
--Anti-DDoS and Remove arguements from URLs

fastcgi_cache microcache;
fastcgi_param REQUEST_URI $cache_request_uri; #need to make sure that web
application URI has been modified by Lua

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