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Re: Stats as counters for graphing

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Quenot 
Jean-Baptiste Quenot
Re: Stats as counters for graphing
September 03, 2009 11:00AM
2009/8/7 Karl Pietri <[email protected]>:
> The last couple of days we have had a spike in traffic so it has been
> queueing, but i can't tell for sure if its just general overloaded during
> peak or if we have some random large spikes (which would be ok).  from other
> tools i'm pretty sure we are overloaded and so adding new machines, but in
> either case it would be nice to know for sure.
> We do graph sessions/connections
> as a delta and that works well, just was wanting the same for queue.

I think you should use RRD, it offers many ways to collect the stats
and retrieve data.
Jean-Baptiste Quenot
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