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reg-test failures on FreeBSD, how to best adapt/skip some tests?

Posted by PiBa-NL 
Hi List,

I was wondering how to best run the reg-tests that are 'valid' for FreeBSD.

There are a 2 tests that use [email protected] sockets, which seem not available on
Also 1 test is failing for a reason i'm not totally sure if its totally
expected to or not..

- /connection/b00000.vtc
probably does not 'really' need [email protected] sockets, so changing to [email protected]
would make it testable on more platforms?

- /log/b00000.vtc
Not exactly sure why this fails/why it was supposed to work.
It either produces a timeout, or the s1 server fails to read the request
which the tcp-healthcheck does not send..

    ***  s1    0.0 accepted fd 5 23986
    **   s1    0.0 === rxreq
    ---- s1    0.0 HTTP rx failed (fd:5 read: Connection reset by peer)

- /seamless-reload/b00000.vtc
This one specifically mentions testing a [email protected] socket functionality. so
changing it to a [email protected] socket likely changes the test in such a way its
no longer testing what it was meant for..
What would be the best way to skip this test on FreeBSD?

With a few small changes (attached) i can run all tests like this, get
the following result:

varnishtest -l ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/*/*.vtc
#    top  TEST
../work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/connection/b00000.vtc passed (0.142)
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/log/b00000.vtc
passed (0.136)
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/lua/b00000.vtc
passed (0.121)
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/lua/b00001.vtc
passed (0.133)
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/lua/b00002.vtc
passed (0.186)
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/lua/b00003.vtc
passed (0.133)
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/lua/h00001.vtc
passed (0.120)
#    top  TEST
../work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/seamless-reload/b00000.vtc passed
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/spoe/b00000.vtc
passed (0.011)
#    top  TEST ./work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/ssl/b00000.vtc
passed (0.146)
#    top  TEST
../work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/stick-table/b00000.vtc passed (0.120)
#    top  TEST
../work/haproxy-ss-20180901/reg-tests/stick-table/b00001.vtc passed (0.122)

Above would be good :).. But well.. needs changing or skipping some tests..

I would like to know next time that 'all' testable reg-tests are working
properly when making a new build to take into my production system. If
some tests fail by design (on this platform), it takes more
administration to figure out if that was okay or not.

Please advice :)


PiBa-NL (Pieter)

From 89a5fd48c11dba6a30f468e86e5a7d4bdab6b986 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: PiBa-NL <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2018 16:19:21 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] fix freebsd reg-tests it has no [email protected] socket ability.. also
the log/b00000.vtc test fails on the health-check either timing out, or
failing to read the request from the client when its only perfoming a tcp
connection check.

reg-tests/connection/b00000.vtc | 4 ++--
reg-tests/log/b00000.vtc | 3 ++-
reg-tests/seamless-reload/b00000.vtc | 4 ++--
3 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/reg-tests/connection/b00000.vtc b/reg-tests/connection/b00000.vtc
index 3a873848..a2b74f73 100644
--- a/reg-tests/connection/b00000.vtc
+++ b/reg-tests/connection/b00000.vtc
@@ -36,14 +36,14 @@ haproxy h1 -conf {

listen http
bind-process 1
- bind [email protected] accept-proxy name ssl-offload-http
+ bind /tmp/http accept-proxy name ssl-offload-http
option forwardfor

listen ssl-offload-http
option httplog
bind-process 2-4
bind "[email protected]${ssl}" ssl crt ${testdir}/common.pem ssl no-sslv3 alpn h2,http/1.1
- server http [email protected] send-proxy
+ server http /tmp/http send-proxy
} -start

diff --git a/reg-tests/log/b00000.vtc b/reg-tests/log/b00000.vtc
index f0ab7ea1..423c7e7f 100644
--- a/reg-tests/log/b00000.vtc
+++ b/reg-tests/log/b00000.vtc
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ feature ignore_unknown_macro
server s1 {
-} -start
+} -repeat 2 -start

syslog Slg_1 -level notice {
@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ frontend fe1
default_backend be_app

backend be_app
+ option httpchk
server app1 ${s1_addr}:${s1_port} check
} -start

diff --git a/reg-tests/seamless-reload/b00000.vtc b/reg-tests/seamless-reload/b00000.vtc
index 498e0c61..e8507523 100644
--- a/reg-tests/seamless-reload/b00000.vtc
+++ b/reg-tests/seamless-reload/b00000.vtc
@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@ haproxy h1 -W -conf {

listen testme
bind "[email protected]${testme}"
- server test_abns_server [email protected] send-proxy-v2
+ server test_abns_server /tmp/wpproc1 send-proxy-v2

frontend test_abns
- bind [email protected] accept-proxy
+ bind /tmp/wpproc1 accept-proxy
http-request deny deny_status 200
} -start

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