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HAProxy 1.8 + LUA 5.3 leads to huge Committed_AS

Posted by Kamil Herbik 
Kamil Herbik
HAProxy 1.8 + LUA 5.3 leads to huge Committed_AS
September 10, 2018 07:40PM

In our PRODUCTION infrastructure, on Centos7 with kernel 3.10, we have
manually compiled HAProxy v1.8.12 with LUA v5.3.4
It cooperates with Consul (https://www.consul.io/) via consul-template (
https://github.com/hashicorp/consul-template) to have properly, dynamically
configured configuration in an haproxy.conf file (it is reloaded around 100
times per day)
Everything seems to work fine and the environment is stable... but I notice
that sometimes the haproxy.service commits huge amount of memory - around
20GB when only 8GB is on the host.

The value from /proc/meminfo looks something like below:

Committed_AS: 20543476 kB

But the strange thing is that it only uses around 1GB of RAM.

I could live with that but unfortunately I do not know whether the haproxy
will not take those 20GB and crash the production system because of "lack
of memory" (only 8GB is available).

My question is: is it normal? Do I have to be worry that this process will
someday take more than 8GB of RAM? How to prevent it?


Kamil Herbik
DevOps Engineer
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