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race condition causing some corruption in lua socket service response

Posted by Sachin Shetty 

We are using a http-req lua action to dynamically set some app specific
metadata headers. The lua handler connects to a upstream memcache like
service over tcp to fetch additional metadata.

Here is a simplified config:

function get_from_gds(txn)
local key = txn.sf:req_fhdr("host")
local sock = core.tcp()
-- Connect timeout after patch
local result = DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND
local status, error = sock:connect(gds_host, gds_port)
if not status then
core.Alert("Error in connecting:" .. key .. ":" .. error)
return GDS_ERROR, "Error: " .. error
sock:send(key .. "\r\n")
while true do
local s, status, partial = sock:receive("*l")
if s == "END" then break end
result = s
core.Alert("Returning from GDS:" .. key .. ":" .. result)
return result

core.register_action("get_proxy", { "http-req" }, get_from_gds)

Functionally it works, I am load testing with 100 concurrent threads over
several hours, and like once in million I see result to be not same as what
was sent by the upstream service - I have added logging and confirmed that
the upstream server sends the correct response, but the result variable
somehow gets mixed up with a value from another concurrent running request.

Any idea? I have looked at both the lua code and the upstream service and
made sure all variables are local etc, but not able to spot anything.

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