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BUG / CLOSE-WAIT / INFINITE-LOOP with applets. How reproducing.

Posted by Thierry FOURNIER 
Hi List,

It have a bug with internal applets. Maybe this bug impacts other parts
like these subject "Connections stuck in CLOSE_WAIT state with h2".

when the applet requires more data and doesn't read the input buffer
buffer, and when the client stops waiting and break the connection, a
CLOSE-WAIT state appears and never disappear.

I propose a simple applet to reproduce the bug. I join the C
code. To build haproxy with this code, just edit Makefile and add

OPTIONS_OBJS += bug39.o

near the line 445.

The conf juste use the applet. The bug works with http and tcp.

Start haproxy like this:

./haproxy -d -f bug39.1.conf


./haproxy -d -f bug39.2.conf

And curl like this (for http an tcp cases):

curl --max-time 1

open | download - bug39.1.conf (115 bytes)
open | download - bug39.2.conf (111 bytes)
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