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stable-bot: WARNING: 13 bug fixes in queue for next release

Posted by Anonymous User 

This is a friendly bot that watches fixes pending for the next haproxy-stable release! One such e-mail is sent every week once patches are waiting in the last maintenance branch, and an ideal release date is computed based on the severity of these fixes and their merge date. Responses to this mail must be sent to the mailing list.

Last release 1.8.8 was issued on 2018/04/19. There are currently 13 patches in the queue cut down this way:
- 1 MAJOR, first one merged on 2018/04/26
- 4 MEDIUM, first one merged on 2018/04/26
- 8 MINOR, first one merged on 2018/04/26

Thus the computed ideal release date for 1.8.9 would be 2018/05/10, which is in one week or less.

The current list of patches in the queue is:
- MAJOR : channel: Fix crash when trying to read from a closed socket
- MEDIUM : threads: Fix the sync point for more than 32 threads
- MEDIUM : h2: implement missing support for chunked encoded uploads
- MEDIUM : lua: Fix segmentation fault if a Lua task exits
- MEDIUM : task: Don't free a task that is about to be run.
- MINOR : lua: schedule socket task upon lua connect()
- MINOR : lua: Put tasks to sleep when waiting for data
- MINOR : pattern: Add a missing HA_SPIN_INIT() in pat_ref_newid()
- MINOR : map: correctly track reference to the last ref_elt being dumped
- MINOR : lua/threads: Make lua's tasks sticky to the current thread
- MINOR : checks: Fix check->health computation for flapping servers
- MINOR : config: disable http-reuse on TCP proxies
- MINOR : log: t_idle (%Ti) is not set for some requests

The haproxy stable-bot is freely provided by HAProxy Technologies to help improve the quality of each HAProxy release. If you have any issue with these emails or if you want to suggest some improvements, please post them on the list so that the solutions suiting the most users can be found.

Am 07.05.2018 um 13:12 schrieb stable-bot@haproxy.com:
> Thus the computed ideal release date for 1.8.9 would be 2018/05/10, which is in one week or less.

May, 10th expired. Of what use is the computed ideal release date when
it just expires and neither a release or a mail explaining why it needs
to be delayed comes in? As a side question: How is that date being computed?

Willy said in his reply to the first notification:

> Overall the purpose of this bot is to remind us stable maintainers
> about the need to issue a release soon and at the same time to help
> everyone else synchronise with this.

IMO for synchronization the date needs to be reliable.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus
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