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High throughput SFTP server load balancing with HAProxy

Posted by Imam Toufique 
Imam Toufique
High throughput SFTP server load balancing with HAProxy
January 07, 2018 06:40AM

I just started reading about HAProxy, I am very much new to it. I am
planning to deploy 4 SFTP servers and a HAProxy balancer. In this setup, I
am anticipating quite an intense level of file transfer activities to/from
these SFTP servers. I am not sure how HAProxy would handle the very high
level of I/O (file transfers) , as I am not if all the data will be going
through HAProxy network connections - or does HAProxy would create a direct
connection between the clients and SFTP server(s) directly. in my case,
could HAProxy become a bottleneck itself if all the data transfer traffic
is passing through it.


All traffic will flow through haproxy which will act as a TCP layer4
To avoid bottlenecks, the haproxy node NICs need to provide at least as
much bandwidth as the sum of the expected traffic on each SFTP server.

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