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tcp log srv_queue meaning

Posted by linbo liao 
linbo liao
tcp log srv_queue meaning
April 14, 2017 05:00AM

I tried to figure out the srv_queue meaning in tcp log, I searched google
and mailing-list but without any result.

The document says

"srv_queue" is the total number of requests which were processed before
this one in the server queue. It is zero when the request has not gone
through the server queue. It makes it possible to estimate the approximate
server's response time by dividing the time spent in queue by the number of
requests in the queue.

Take this scenario:

Before current request reach the queue, there are 100 requests go
through this queue.

When current request reach the queue, still 20 request are waiting for handle.

So srv_queue is 80 or 20?


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