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Suggestion for ACL groups

Posted by Julian Zielke 
Julian Zielke
Suggestion for ACL groups
April 13, 2017 12:00PM

lately I had to define multiple acls in our pfsense box runnign HaProxy 1.6..x.

The challenge was to configure a frontend with multiple URLs as ACLs and also limit IPs to some URLs and some other avaiable to any or a different set of IPs.


a_url1 --> host match www.mydomain.comhttp://www.mydomain.com
a_url2 --> host match www.myotherdomain.comhttp://www.myotherdomain.com
a_net1 --> source ip match www.xxx.yyy.zzzhttp://www.xxx.yyy.zzz
a_net2 --> source ip match aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd

So for every frontend the match syntax would be:

use backend if a_url1 a_net1 || a_url1 a_net2 || a_url2 a_net1 || a_url2_a_net2

Having a one-line directive this rule set with more IPs and/or URLs can be a real pita.
So my suggestion would be a group-syntax for ACLs which would be like:

(a_url1 || a_url2 ) (a_net1 || a_net2)

Much more compact and serves the same purpose. Would be nice to see this being implemente.
Searching accross Google some ppl already asked for this already on different forums.

- Julian

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