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memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.
Archive started on 2009/08/31. 
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memcache service is not running in windows machine

by Senthil Raja
668 1 05/27/2010 12:40PM
Last Post by Senthil Raja

install memcached

by amir
823 1 05/27/2010 12:00PM
Last Post by amir

multiple instance running on server with bound same port and different IP's

by Ravi
678 2 05/26/2010 10:30PM
Last Post by Ravi

log timestamps?

by Boris Partensky
640 3 05/26/2010 05:00PM
Last Post by Boris Partensky

Force memcached to write to all servers in Pool for reliability

by Jay
868 11 05/26/2010 12:20AM
Last Post by Jay

Using Java to Telnet into memcached

by Tim Sneed
809 13 05/25/2010 10:00PM
Last Post by Adam Lee

Odd problem - can't find memcached.conf

by Kung
1,100 3 05/24/2010 08:10AM
Last Post by Brian Moon

Memcached as web page cache

by Sun-N-Fun
940 11 05/21/2010 04:00AM
Last Post by Sun-N-Fun

Memcache is throwing strange error

by Jay
653 3 05/20/2010 08:20PM
Last Post by Jay

Sample C code for beginner

by ram
1,152 9 05/20/2010 06:40PM
Last Post by Dustin

invoking a set without specifying a timeout

by Harry Duin
1,229 5 05/20/2010 03:50PM
Last Post by Boris Partensky

Please review my sample code

by ram
683 1 05/20/2010 12:50PM
Last Post by ram

could not set in a memcache server

by Jumping
729 4 05/20/2010 12:30PM
Last Post by Jumping

Tools : phpMemCacheAdmin

by [email protected]
987 5 05/19/2010 04:50AM
Last Post by Artur Ejsmont

Global Lock When Getting Stats?

by Tim Sneed
608 8 05/18/2010 10:20PM
Last Post by dormando

Intalling Libevent on Windows

by IsaacMyPHPHero
2,932 5 05/09/2010 10:00PM
Last Post by IsaacMyPHPHero

baixing.com is looking for talents

by victor.pan
700 1 05/08/2010 10:20AM
Last Post by victor.pan

Memcache::append() Not working

by IsaacMyPHPHero
700 2 05/07/2010 09:00PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

PECL/memcached segfaults

by Brian Moon
670 4 05/06/2010 04:40PM
Last Post by Brian Moon

Issue 138 in memcached: I can't install memcached on HP-UNIX,can you help me?

by Anonymous User
602 4 05/05/2010 08:10PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Free Project Codings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by technicalsymposium. com
750 1 05/04/2010 05:10PM
Last Post by technicalsymposium. com

***SPAM*** it

by ifone
581 3 05/03/2010 01:00PM
Last Post by ιƒ‘δΌŸη‚

Issue 137 in memcached: decrementing numbers that are zero

by Anonymous User
620 2 05/01/2010 12:00AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

tools to show memcached statistics

by Harry Duin
834 3 04/30/2010 06:20PM
Last Post by Baron Schwartz

Issue 136 in memcached: libmemcached-0.40 doesn't work on RHEL 6.0 Beta (Santiago)

by Anonymous User
632 3 04/30/2010 12:20AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Delphi Client Updated

by deadserious
664 1 04/29/2010 05:20PM
Last Post by deadserious

Get Performance

by deadserious
568 4 04/29/2010 06:20AM
Last Post by deadserious

Issue 121 in memcached: Values with certain keys are not stored on solaris sparc with libevent 1.4.3

by Anonymous User
623 4 04/29/2010 03:40AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

spymemcached + kestrel

by Adam Lee
719 2 04/27/2010 03:40AM
Last Post by dennis zhuang

Issue 135 in memcached: memcached Timed out in get operation

by Anonymous User
1,508 2 04/27/2010 02:30AM
Last Post by Anonymous User