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This is the general php discussion list for users. 
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[PHP] proc_open and sockets

by man_in_the_middle
685 1 11/03/2008 05:10PM
Last Post by man_in_the_middle

[PHP] how to kill a session by closing window or tab clicking on X?

by Afan Pasalic
450 6 11/03/2008 01:40PM
Last Post by Martin Zvar

[PHP] Re: Write my own extensions

by Gautier Di Folco
478 1 11/03/2008 09:40AM
Last Post by Gautier Di Folco

[PHP] Write my own extensions

by Gautier Di Folco
427 4 11/03/2008 06:35AM
Last Post by Lupus Michaelis

[PHP] phpbb forum & site login integration

by Progwihz
418 4 11/03/2008 02:50AM
Last Post by Robert Cummings

[PHP] Simple app to Fill in TBL/Access Control Function.

by bruce
432 3 11/03/2008 01:40AM
Last Post by bruce

[PHP] Change tracking

by Mike Smith
425 6 11/02/2008 01:05AM
Last Post by Nathan Rixham

[PHP] PreReq Index

by Craige Leeder
396 5 11/02/2008 12:00AM
Last Post by Craige Leeder

[PHP] Control Over Printer Queue On Windows

by shahrzad khorrami
415 2 11/01/2008 07:00PM
Last Post by bruce

[PHP] Count the Number of Elements Using Explode

by Alice Wei
463 9 11/01/2008 10:20AM
Last Post by Lars Torben Wilson

[PHP] Bitwise operation giving wrong results

by sean greenslade
438 5 11/01/2008 04:25AM
Last Post by sean greenslade

[PHP] Sessions in object oriented code

by Ben Stones
389 6 10/31/2008 06:30PM
Last Post by Diogo Neves

[PHP] DOCTYPE, javascript and Firefox

by Arno Kuhl
385 7 10/31/2008 10:55AM
Last Post by Arno Kuhl

[PHP] PHP Auth

by Steve Marquez
458 7 10/30/2008 09:55PM
Last Post by Dan Joseph

[PHP] CREATE question

by Dan Shirah
449 4 10/30/2008 09:20PM
Last Post by Dan Shirah

[PHP] How to launch a background task from a web page

by Tony Marston
477 4 10/30/2008 06:45PM
Last Post by bruce

[PHP] Regex validation

by VamVan
493 21 10/30/2008 06:25PM
Last Post by Yeti

[PHP] [released] themeable canvas loader icon, with semi-transparency support

by Rene Veerman
530 1 10/30/2008 02:55PM
Last Post by Rene Veerman

[PHP] Printing JPEG

by Kyle Terry
486 3 10/30/2008 01:40PM
Last Post by Yeti

[PHP] create/write to psd file

by vuthecuong
441 10 10/30/2008 01:25PM
Last Post by David Lidstone

[PHP] General Mysql Connect

by Waynn Lue
394 25 10/30/2008 12:45PM
Last Post by Jay Blanchard

[PHP] Newbie: can I store flash file into Mysql DB

by vuthecuong
433 8 10/30/2008 02:55AM
Last Post by Bastien Koert

[PHP] Problem changing file encoding

by Thodoris
465 7 10/29/2008 11:30PM
Last Post by ANR Daemon

Fwd: [PHP] Waste of storage space?

by Frank Arensmeier
406 5 10/29/2008 02:50PM
Last Post by Aschwin Wesselius

[PHP] FImage $aSubDir

by John Taylor-Johnston
420 4 10/29/2008 10:05AM
Last Post by Maciek Sokolewicz

[PHP] clear a mysql table

by Ronald Wiplinger (Lists)
427 12 10/29/2008 01:35AM
Last Post by Lupus Michaelis

[PHP] clean data

by blackwater dev
440 6 10/29/2008 12:45AM
Last Post by Shawn McKenzie

[PHP] Parsing URLs

by Ron Piggott
411 3 10/28/2008 09:25AM
Last Post by Yeti

[PHP] PHP XSLT caching

by vladimirn
404 9 10/28/2008 08:55AM
Last Post by Aschwin Wesselius

[PHP] ImageMagick functions

by pichoscosama
433 2 10/28/2008 06:05AM
Last Post by Martijn Korse