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This is the php-internals list where many discussions (and flames) about the php development are happening. 
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[PHP-DEV][RFC][DISCUSSION] Deprecate the backtick operator   (Pages: 1 2)

by Wes
249 33 02/14/2018 12:30AM
Last Post by Markus Fischer

[PHP-DEV] [RFC][DISCUSSION] Deprecation of fallback to root scope   (Pages: 1 2)

by Wes
274 51 02/13/2018 01:20PM
Last Post by S.A.N

[PHP-DEV] Proposal to run all tests with and without strict_types enabled

by Pedro Lacerda
129 8 02/13/2018 12:40AM
Last Post by Pedro Lacerda

[PHP-DEV] Replaced the bundled libgd with upstream (aka. system) libgd

by Christoph M. Becker
131 4 02/12/2018 07:00PM
Last Post by Anatol Belski

[PHP-DEV][RFC][DISCUSSION] Collection Inspection   (Pages: 1 2)

by Michael Morris
276 39 02/06/2018 10:30PM
Last Post by Rowan Collins

[PHP-DEV] What to do with bundled GD's version info?

by Christoph M. Becker
130 3 02/06/2018 07:40PM
Last Post by Christoph M. Becker

[PHP-DEV] Potential adoption of run-tests.php replacement

by Nazar Mokrynskyi
121 9 02/05/2018 11:50AM
Last Post by Johannes Schl├╝ter

[PHP-DEV] [DISCUSSION] Fast build process at GitHub

by Gabriel Caruso
147 1 02/03/2018 09:50AM
Last Post by Gabriel Caruso

[PHP-DEV] PHP 7.1.14 Released

by Sara Golemon
150 1 02/01/2018 08:00PM
Last Post by Sara Golemon

[PHP-DEV] join php.net lists

by Anonymous User
136 1 02/01/2018 04:50PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

[PHP-DEV] PHP 7.2.2 Released

by Remi Collet
145 1 02/01/2018 12:00PM
Last Post by Remi Collet

[PHP-DEV] unsuscribe

by Alvaro Torres
117 2 01/31/2018 01:40AM
Last Post by Good Guy

[PHP-DEV] unpack() offset and consumed data measurement

by Chris Wright
123 4 01/30/2018 01:00PM
Last Post by Chris Wright

[PHP-DEV] Shorthand proposal for associative arrays

by Christian Schneider
122 13 01/28/2018 08:50AM
Last Post by Andrey Andreev

[PHP-DEV] Requesting php-src Karma

by Thomas Punt
118 6 01/27/2018 12:50AM
Last Post by Thomas Punt

[PHP-DEV] return values of socket_recvmsg

by Sam Ding
120 4 01/26/2018 08:40PM
Last Post by Sam Ding

[PHP-DEV] threadsafe php crashes too easily

by Hajo Locke
122 5 01/26/2018 03:20PM
Last Post by Hajo Locke

[PHP-DEV] Difference between smart_str and smart_string

by Ryan McCullagh
123 2 01/26/2018 05:40AM
Last Post by Sara Golemon

[PHP-DEV] [RFC][DISCUSSION] Strong Typing Syntax   (Pages: 1 2)

by Michael Morris
275 41 01/25/2018 06:20PM
Last Post by Andreas Hennings

[PHP-DEV] Big_Endian problem

by Sam Ding
113 4 01/23/2018 03:10PM
Last Post by Sara Golemon

(no subject)

by Andreas Hennings
116 12 01/22/2018 11:20PM
Last Post by Sara Golemon

[PHP-DEV] v7.2.1 test cases crash on s390x

by Sam Ding
154 1 01/22/2018 07:40PM
Last Post by Sam Ding

[PHP-DEV] PCNTL compatibility to Windows?

by David Rodrigues
117 3 01/22/2018 05:20PM
Last Post by David Rodrigues

[PHP-DEV] OPCache: invalidate vs unlink

by Fleshgrinder
122 3 01/21/2018 01:30PM
Last Post by Fleshgrinder

[PHP-DEV] New login to RFC

by Gabriel Caruso
111 2 01/21/2018 12:00PM
Last Post by Niklas Keller

[PHP-DEV] Better Session Management by OTP encryption

by Dominic Guhl
124 2 01/21/2018 11:30AM
Last Post by Yasuo Ohgaki

[PHP-DEV] Better Session Management by OTP encryption

by Dominic Guhl
143 1 01/21/2018 03:20AM
Last Post by Dominic Guhl

[PHP-DEV] ICU and the INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 deprecation

by Andrey Andreev
120 6 01/20/2018 03:10PM
Last Post by Christoph M. Becker

[PHP-DEV] unit test a single case

by Sam Ding
122 6 01/19/2018 01:30AM
Last Post by Christoph M. Becker

[PHP-DEV] function stream_isatty

by Sam Ding
141 1 01/18/2018 11:10PM
Last Post by Sam Ding