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Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Written by Igor Sysoev in 2005, Nginx now hosts between 1% and 4% of all domains worldwide. Nginx is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.  
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virtual include authorization using proxy_pass and X-Accel-Redirect

by Hannes Haug
428 3 12/09/2008 09:15PM
Last Post by Hannes Haug

the best way to setup php apps.

by Francisco Valladolid
347 2 12/09/2008 09:10PM
Last Post by mike

Increasing timeouts causes browser to endlessly wait for a response

by Cocoa Guy
453 2 12/09/2008 02:40AM
Last Post by mike


by Igor Sysoev
419 2 12/08/2008 08:35PM
Last Post by Kevin Worthington

How can I stop nginx from modifying an upstream URL?

by W. Andrew Loe III
416 1 12/08/2008 07:00PM
Last Post by W. Andrew Loe III


by Igor Sysoev
384 2 12/08/2008 05:20PM
Last Post by Kevin Worthington

Well I Can Say That This is Terrific Affiliate Program

by Jasmine Bush
411 1 12/07/2008 05:05PM
Last Post by Jasmine Bush

Nginx to serve static content in cpanel server

by Anoop Alias
425 1 12/07/2008 08:35AM
Last Post by Anoop Alias

constness of key in ngx_hash_find_

by Arvind Jayaprakash
447 5 12/07/2008 07:30AM
Last Post by Arvind Jayaprakash

Log config - can I ignore requests from a certain IP?

by Yanni Mac
379 3 12/06/2008 03:45PM
Last Post by Yanni Mac

nginx with phpmyadmin 3.1.0

by Robert Gabriel
447 5 12/06/2008 12:50AM
Last Post by Robert Gabriel

reminder: Nginx 0.7.24 for Windows

by Kevin Worthington
440 1 12/05/2008 09:15PM
Last Post by Kevin Worthington

nginx verify backend

by Andr
422 1 12/05/2008 05:15PM
Last Post by Andr

Re: Nginx module to use PAM for simple http authentication

by Noel Lublovary
520 2 12/05/2008 03:30PM
Last Post by Sergio Talens-Oliag

Re: Nginx module to use PAM for simple http authentication

by Noel Lublovary
501 2 12/05/2008 02:00AM
Last Post by mike

nginx + haproxy + mongrel - issue persists

by Asif Ali
511 3 12/04/2008 06:40PM
Last Post by Ezra Zygmuntowicz

Problem on installing ngnix

by Stephen Liu
489 5 12/04/2008 08:40AM
Last Post by Stephen Liu

how to make two sequential requests

by Yan Cheng
389 2 12/04/2008 12:45AM
Last Post by Anton Yuzhaninov

Question about variables

by mike
346 2 12/04/2008 12:00AM
Last Post by mike

ngx_http_accesskey_module error

by lhmwzy
488 8 12/03/2008 09:40PM
Last Post by Alex Li

Cycling through only one worker

by Ulrik Sandberg
535 1 12/03/2008 02:00PM
Last Post by Ulrik Sandberg

[Q] apache module porting guide

by Chang Song
475 3 12/02/2008 09:10PM
Last Post by Merlin

question about send_timeout

by Marlon de Boer
704 2 12/02/2008 03:05PM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

$request_time in logging

by Marlon de Boer
406 4 12/02/2008 11:10AM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Compiling Nginx with GCC Optimization Flags

by Joe Aston
437 4 12/02/2008 11:05AM
Last Post by Joe Aston

Re: 411 Length Required error

by Rocky Zhang
551 12 12/02/2008 10:45AM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Nginx Equivalent to LAST_MODIFIED variable in Apache SSI

by Anonymous User
572 2 12/02/2008 08:25AM
Last Post by marlowe

Authorizing HTTP proxy develop

by Yan Cheng
423 3 12/02/2008 07:55AM
Last Post by Yan Cheng

Error "No input file specified" (wrong fastcgi_param?)

by Stefan Scott
448 15 12/02/2008 07:20AM
Last Post by dennis cao

Re: [PATCH] always process short preread body

by John Fremlin
504 1 12/02/2008 06:40AM
Last Post by John Fremlin