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Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Written by Igor Sysoev in 2005, Nginx now hosts between 1% and 4% of all domains worldwide. Nginx is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.  
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Renaming server response in 1.3.x not same as 1.2.x?

by nano
159 1 08/29/2012 01:40AM
Last Post by nano

Issue with multiple location blocks to handle two webapps

by Nikhil Bhardwaj
73 3 08/28/2012 11:50PM
Last Post by Nikhil Bhardwaj

Issue with SNI/SSL and default_server

by Jordi Boggiano
98 8 08/28/2012 07:00PM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Odd 500 Internal Server Error with a Wordpress file (NGINX & PHP-FPM)

by endikos
88 2 08/28/2012 03:00PM
Last Post by jonarmstrong

mediawiki redirect issue when nginx is behind varnish and listen to not 80

by Chris
55 1 08/28/2012 12:20PM
Last Post by Chris

Ngix - Vanish Not Working

by iqbalmp
164 2 08/28/2012 12:20PM
Last Post by iqbalmp

jQuery-File-upload and nginx

by ypeskin
80 1 08/27/2012 11:50PM
Last Post by ypeskin

APC with Nginx

by iqbalmp
76 4 08/27/2012 02:50PM
Last Post by iqbalmp

Tuning workers and connections

by Avleen Vig
317 15 08/27/2012 09:40AM
Last Post by hagai avrahami

SPDY slower than normal HTTPS

by eiji-gravion
70 2 08/25/2012 10:40PM
Last Post by eiji-gravion

proxy cannot forward https traffic with resolver?

by Krishna Guda
69 1 08/25/2012 05:10AM
Last Post by Krishna Guda

can proxy use resolver to forward traffic to https sites?

by Krishna Guda
160 1 08/25/2012 12:40AM
Last Post by Krishna Guda

Proxy pass confusion

by Jon Drukman
206 2 08/25/2012 12:10AM
Last Post by Francis Daly


by iqbalmp
86 4 08/24/2012 07:30PM
Last Post by iqbalmp

index directive not taking effect in case of alias

by yashgt
76 3 08/24/2012 03:20PM
Last Post by kustodian

help:mplicit declaration of function ‘pread’ ‘pwrite’

by guangpigu
108 1 08/24/2012 03:30AM
Last Post by guangpigu

Weird proxy pass timeout

by Cabbar Duzayak
190 1 08/23/2012 10:20PM
Last Post by Cabbar Duzayak

Firefox cache images more than cache-control: max-age

by Ivan Toman
84 1 08/23/2012 03:50PM
Last Post by Ivan Toman


by Maxim Dounin
176 3 08/23/2012 01:20PM
Last Post by heronote

[ANN] ngx_openresty devel version released

by agentzh
74 1 08/23/2012 01:10AM
Last Post by agentzh

MIME type oddity when using try_files in combination with location/alias using regex captures

by Christoph Schug
109 2 08/22/2012 02:00PM
Last Post by Christoph Schug

Too many 400 bad request

by Christopher Meng
82 3 08/22/2012 01:00PM
Last Post by Christopher Meng

how to only enable TLS1.1 or TLS1.2 only

by 夏业添
107 3 08/22/2012 03:10AM
Last Post by 夏业添

Error with basic auth on windows

by Kevin Pratt
67 1 08/21/2012 05:20PM
Last Post by Kevin Pratt

Stressing nginx

by stormdust
784 9 08/21/2012 05:00PM
Last Post by rahul2k6.nitjsr

help on ngnix configuration

by Matteo Picciolini
99 1 08/21/2012 04:40PM
Last Post by Matteo Picciolini

Upload Module - add response header with MD5

by mokriy
110 6 08/21/2012 10:40AM
Last Post by Valery Kholodkov

backup resolver possible?

by medialy
276 1 08/21/2012 08:10AM
Last Post by medialy

Upstream SSL IIS Performance

by d2radio
120 6 08/21/2012 05:20AM
Last Post by d2radio

user authentication with nginx

by Bob Stanton
108 13 08/21/2012 04:50AM
Last Post by smallfish