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Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Written by Igor Sysoev in 2005, Nginx now hosts between 1% and 4% of all domains worldwide. Nginx is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.  
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[ANN] Windows nginx RedKnight

by itpp2012
99 1 06/21/2014 05:40PM
Last Post by itpp2012

ngx_http_process_header_line function in source code

by alayim
86 4 06/21/2014 05:00PM
Last Post by alayim

mail proxy auth

by Felipe Buccioni
123 1 06/21/2014 05:30AM
Last Post by Felipe Buccioni

strange map $request issue

by itpp2012
64 5 06/20/2014 07:40PM
Last Post by itpp2012

using 2000+ ip prefixes in nginx geo module !!

by shahzaib shahzaib
96 8 06/20/2014 04:20PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Sticky equivalent

by Stefanita Rares Dumitrescu
119 9 06/20/2014 02:10PM
Last Post by Aleksandar Lazic

http Keepalive implementation

by prkumar
239 3 06/19/2014 11:40PM
Last Post by Lord Nynex

Optimization of Nginx for 128 MB RAM VPS

by akurczyk
68 5 06/19/2014 06:00PM
Last Post by Nuno Magalhães

upstream on OpenBSD not executing requests

by roman_mir
107 5 06/19/2014 04:00PM
Last Post by roman_mir

Nginx on Windows PHP fastcgi read timeouts

by c0nw0nk
335 20 06/19/2014 03:20PM
Last Post by c0nw0nk

$upstream_addr is returning blank

by tsunny
112 3 06/19/2014 02:30PM
Last Post by tsunny

Problem with big files

by jakubp
88 4 06/19/2014 12:50PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

[PATCH] proposal to remove unused macro ngx_sleep()

by crespin
89 1 06/19/2014 11:00AM
Last Post by crespin

Passing arguments to os.execute()

by tsunny
61 1 06/19/2014 09:00AM
Last Post by tsunny

Re: how to set timer?

by prkumar
75 1 06/19/2014 07:40AM
Last Post by prkumar

Caching servers in Local ISPs !!   (Pages: 1 2)

by shahzaib shahzaib
438 41 06/19/2014 07:30AM
Last Post by shahzaib shahzaib

lots of work in a location block...

by Steve Holdoway
78 4 06/18/2014 10:20AM
Last Post by Valentin V. Bartenev

Nginx - OS Version supported

by Vishal Mestri
52 4 06/18/2014 09:30AM
Last Post by Valentin V. Bartenev

Send all requests to two separate upstream servers?

by Eric Feldhusen
54 9 06/18/2014 05:40AM
Last Post by Payam Chychi


by Maxim Dounin
73 2 06/17/2014 04:10PM
Last Post by Kevin Worthington

Re: how to set timer?

by vickyma
70 1 06/17/2014 03:50AM
Last Post by vickyma

Really high disk i/o !!

by shahzaib shahzaib
185 3 06/16/2014 07:30PM
Last Post by Stefan Parvu

nginx +

by Steve Holdoway
73 2 06/16/2014 05:20PM
Last Post by sarah.novotny

tmp directory filling up

by Tatonka
104 5 06/16/2014 04:30PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Accessing the location configuration of module 2 during post configuration processing of module 1 for a particular server

by Rv Rv
72 6 06/16/2014 04:20PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Order of directive call during request handling

by Adarsh Pugalia
32 2 06/16/2014 01:40PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

How to redirect error page (html) self built html error page

by mknazri
62 3 06/16/2014 12:20PM
Last Post by mknazri

Rtmp Module and LibRtmp

by MrDaniel
69 5 06/15/2014 01:40PM
Last Post by itpp2012

nginx error after trying to upload images Attachments

by Roy Phillips
31 3 06/14/2014 06:00PM
Last Post by Roy Phillips

Apache To Nginx Web Server

by Ahmet Selami
36 1 06/14/2014 04:20PM
Last Post by Ahmet Selami