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HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications.
Archive started on 2009/08/31. 
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copy paper of A4 size

by Jane
52 1 12/22/2017 03:30AM
Last Post by Jane

Traffic delivered to disabled server when cookie persistence is enabled after upgrading to 1.8.1

by Greg Nolle
60 14 12/22/2017 01:40AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Freelance Work

by Brian Clark
55 1 12/21/2017 06:50PM
Last Post by Brian Clark

[PATCH] BUG: NetScaler CIP handling is incorrect

by Andreas Mahnke
152 16 12/21/2017 03:20PM
Last Post by Bertrand Jacquin

1.8.1 Segfault + slowdown

by Peter Lindegaard Hansen
40 3 12/21/2017 02:30PM
Last Post by Christopher Faulet

Certificate bundles seem to be non-functional

by Andrew Heberle
43 4 12/21/2017 11:20AM
Last Post by Christopher Faulet

[SPAM] 港澳台物流专线---FBA头程空海运服务---香港搬家至内地运输 . Attachments

by 港澳台物流专线---FBA头程空海运服务---香港搬家至内地运输
60 1 12/21/2017 02:10AM
Last Post by 港澳台物流专线---FBA头程空海运服务---香港搬家至内地运输

Quick update on pending HTTP/2 issues

by Willy Tarreau
92 5 12/21/2017 01:30AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

haproxy and solarflare onload

by Elias Abacioglu
65 10 12/20/2017 05:10PM
Last Post by Elias Abacioglu

[PATCH 1/2] Fix compiler warning in iprange.c

by Ryan O'Hara
86 2 12/20/2017 09:50AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

[PATCH] DOC/MINOR: intro: typo, wording, formatting fixes

by Davor Ocelic
64 2 12/20/2017 07:10AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

[SPAM] ✈The end of the year typically entails some last-minute Christmas shopping

by Qingshan Xie
51 1 12/19/2017 11:00PM
Last Post by Qingshan Xie

[PATCH] BUG/MEDIUM: mworker: Close log socket during a reload

by Christopher Faulet
57 4 12/19/2017 02:10PM
Last Post by Willy TARREAU

Stats with nproc > 1 and Haproxy 1.8

by Ricardo Fraile
69 1 12/19/2017 12:30PM
Last Post by Ricardo Fraile

1.8.1 backend stays 'DOWN' when dns resolvers and http health checks are used

by Holger Amann
71 3 12/19/2017 09:40AM
Last Post by Holger Amann


by Mike G
57 1 12/19/2017 08:30AM
Last Post by Mike G

[SPAM] oh , this is great news !

by Qingshan Xie
77 1 12/18/2017 10:20AM
Last Post by Qingshan Xie

[PATCH 2/2] Fix compiler warnings in halog.c

by Ryan O'Hara
85 1 12/15/2017 05:30PM
Last Post by Ryan O'Hara

Give a glamorous new look to your website.

by Andrew Smith
95 1 12/15/2017 12:20PM
Last Post by Andrew Smith

chaining of checks

by Aleksandar Lazic
63 1 12/15/2017 09:30AM
Last Post by Aleksandar Lazic


by Olivier Doucet
84 5 12/15/2017 09:30AM
Last Post by Илья Шипицин

[PATCH] Minor : converter: Add len converter Attachments

by Etienne Carrière
56 10 12/15/2017 07:30AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

[PATCH] BUG: MINOR: http: don't check http-request capture id when len is provided

by Cyril Bonté
51 2 12/14/2017 10:50PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

[PATCH] BUG: MAJOR: lb_map: server map calculation broken

by Cyril Bonté
47 2 12/14/2017 05:50PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

(no subject)

by 廖志畬
66 1 12/14/2017 05:10PM
Last Post by 廖志畬

BUG: 1.8.x Several balancing methods only send requests to one backend.

by Adrian Williams
57 6 12/14/2017 04:30PM
Last Post by Cyril Bonté

config MAX_LINE_ARGS limitation

by 李保坤
70 1 12/14/2017 04:30AM
Last Post by 李保坤


by Brent Gardner
59 1 12/14/2017 02:30AM
Last Post by Brent Gardner

Compliance and Risk Management Target Approach

by Donna Kimberley
63 1 12/13/2017 10:40PM
Last Post by Donna Kimberley

[SPAM] exciting news

by panrbl
58 1 12/13/2017 02:50AM
Last Post by panrbl