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HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications.
Archive started on 2009/08/31. 
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Start From Zero concept

by Thilina Manamgoda
30 3 02/09/2017 08:00AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Lua sample fetch logging ends up in response when doing http-request redirect

by Jesse Schulman
50 11 02/08/2017 07:20PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Haproxy loabalance with cookie

by Hoang Le Trung
19 4 02/08/2017 06:40PM
Last Post by James Stroehmann

Strange behavior of sample fetches in http-response replace-header option

by Holger Just
9 4 02/08/2017 06:20PM
Last Post by Holger Just

[PATCH] 2 fixes for replace-header rules

by Christopher Faulet
22 2 02/08/2017 05:40PM
Last Post by Willy TARREAU

[PATCH] BUG/MEDIUM: filters: Do not truncate HTTP response when body length is undefined

by Christopher Faulet
19 2 02/08/2017 11:30AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

regarding tune.http.maxhdr

by Sukbum Hong
28 1 02/08/2017 06:50AM
Last Post by Sukbum Hong

Debug Log: Response headers logged before rewriting

by Daniel Schneller
34 3 02/07/2017 08:10PM
Last Post by Skarbek, John

Re: ROI Driven Campaign For haproxy.org

by Caroll Acosta
29 1 02/07/2017 03:40PM
Last Post by Caroll Acosta

frequently reload haproxy without sleep time result in old haproxy process never dying

by 谭林华
33 2 02/07/2017 12:20PM
Last Post by Pierre Cheynier

Layer 7 Headers

by Andrew Kroenert
22 3 02/07/2017 02:30AM
Last Post by Bryan Talbot

Gzip compression and transfer: chunked

by Vladimir Mihailenco
54 12 02/06/2017 04:20PM
Last Post by Kristjan Koppel


by Beluc
39 1 02/06/2017 03:10PM
Last Post by Beluc

[SPAM] Say Goodbye To Cottage Cheese Thighs…

by Denise Wong
39 1 02/04/2017 11:50AM
Last Post by Denise Wong

Propagating agent-check weight change to tracking servers

by Michał
56 4 02/04/2017 09:50AM
Last Post by Michał

[SPAM] Cellulite System Works ‘Too Well’ Say Doctors

by Melba Park
37 1 02/04/2017 06:20AM
Last Post by Melba Park

OpenSSL engine and async support

by Grant Zhang
28 3 02/04/2017 01:00AM
Last Post by Grant Zhang

Building Haproxy 1.7.2 against LibreSSL 2.5.1

by Piotr Kubaj
35 3 02/03/2017 06:30PM
Last Post by Piotr Kubaj

[Feature Request] Expose UDP socket from luasocket

by Dave Marion
35 1 02/03/2017 05:50PM
Last Post by Dave Marion

converters in http-request replace-header

by Brian Loss
35 1 02/03/2017 05:30PM
Last Post by Brian Loss

Re: haproxy cascade SOLVED

by Antonio Trujillo Carmona
38 1 02/03/2017 02:40PM
Last Post by Antonio Trujillo Carmona

haproxy cascade

by Antonio Trujillo Carmona
30 4 02/03/2017 01:30PM
Last Post by Antonio Trujillo Carmona

[PATCH] BUG/MAJOR: dns: create one client UDP socket per process

by Baptiste
33 6 02/03/2017 07:30AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Queries Rearding to the Redirections According to the ports

by parag bharne
23 4 02/02/2017 10:00PM
Last Post by Bryan Talbot

Limited period offer till stocks last

by CanadianPharmacy
35 1 02/02/2017 09:10PM
Last Post by CanadianPharmacy

How to password protect a subdirectory

by Artur
28 3 02/02/2017 07:40PM
Last Post by Artur

Rate limit by IP based on all the current IPs from a network range

by Ricardo Fraile
30 2 02/02/2017 10:00AM
Last Post by Jarno Huuskonen

VoIP Users

by jean.miller
27 1 02/01/2017 10:50PM
Last Post by jean.miller

[SPAM] Hearing aid companies “ 0utraged” at new cure for hearing loss.

by Jonathan Morgan
37 1 02/01/2017 09:20PM
Last Post by Jonathan Morgan

SAS Base Users List

by Jessica Charles
32 1 02/01/2017 05:20PM
Last Post by Jessica Charles