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HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications.
Archive started on 2009/08/31. 
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No enabled listener found and reloads triggered an inconsistent state.

by Pierre Cheynier
38 2 04/06/2018 11:20AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

[ANNOUNCE] haproxy-1.8.6

by Willy Tarreau
38 2 04/05/2018 08:30PM
Last Post by Aleksandar Lazic

[PATCH] BUG/MINOR: email-alert: Set the mailer port during alert initialization

by Christopher Faulet
54 2 04/04/2018 10:50AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

有(发票)代开 需要联系18265777082 微信同号QQ2137175988

by 何云伟
41 1 04/04/2018 04:40AM
Last Post by 何云伟

Error log format

by sushma anantharam
44 1 04/04/2018 02:10AM
Last Post by sushma anantharam

[BUG][PATCH] fd: fix handling of poller updates

by Olivier Houchard
43 2 04/03/2018 07:50PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Segmentation faults (1.8.4-de425f6 2018/02/26)

by Holger Amann
60 11 04/03/2018 01:40AM
Last Post by Holger Amann

Why maxconn value can have a negative value?

by Nikhil Kapoor
63 4 04/02/2018 05:10PM
Last Post by Tim Düsterhus

Grrrr.... warnings

by Willy Tarreau
40 4 04/02/2018 05:00PM
Last Post by Thierry Fournier

proxy error 502 Attachments

by Xu Ricky
48 3 04/02/2018 03:00PM
Last Post by PiBa-NL

开增值税(发票)优惠 网上可验证 电132 657 77082 李小姐微信同号 QQ2137175988

by 堇青石
48 1 04/01/2018 09:00AM
Last Post by 堇青石

OCSP response missing in v1.8

by Valter Jansons
46 4 03/30/2018 09:00PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Re: haproxy.org Errors

by Alan Walker
56 1 03/30/2018 07:40PM
Last Post by Alan Walker

Re: haproxy.com Errors

by Alan Walker
47 1 03/30/2018 07:40PM
Last Post by Alan Walker

patch (cleanup unused labels)

by Илья Шипицин
44 3 03/29/2018 12:40PM
Last Post by Илья Шипицин

Warning: upgrading to openssl master+ enable_tls1_3 (coming v1.1.1) could break handshakes for all protocol versions .

by Emeric Brun
79 10 03/28/2018 05:40PM
Last Post by Emeric Brun

email alert not working with 1.8.5

by Johan Hendriks
45 3 03/28/2018 03:50PM
Last Post by Johan Hendriks

Logging actual fetched URL after request is re-written

by Franks Andy (IT Technical Architecture Manager)
44 5 03/28/2018 02:10PM
Last Post by Franks Andy (IT Technical Architecture Manager)

IP rate limiting on EC2 and 100% CPU usage

by Vladimir Mihailenco
49 1 03/27/2018 04:30PM
Last Post by Vladimir Mihailenco

Segfault / 1.8.5 / 9a083d1428b

by Thierry Fournier
40 2 03/27/2018 02:30PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

lua socket api settimeout in seconds vs. milliseconds Attachments

by Mark Lakes
62 16 03/27/2018 02:30PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Industrial routers with high?performance-price ratio and multiple functions

by Linda
46 1 03/27/2018 01:40PM
Last Post by Linda

Immediately improve your website traffic.

by Sophia Wilson
43 1 03/27/2018 01:10PM
Last Post by Sophia Wilson

Number of acl-rules

by Mattias Minerbi
44 1 03/27/2018 12:10AM
Last Post by Mattias Minerbi

[ANNOUNCE] haproxy-1.8.5

by Willy Tarreau
43 2 03/26/2018 10:30PM
Last Post by Aleksandar Lazic

patch: fix build when USE_THREAD is not defined

by Илья Шипицин
34 6 03/26/2018 05:30PM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

%tr or %trg in unix time?

by Elias Abacioglu
40 1 03/26/2018 04:20PM
Last Post by Elias Abacioglu

segfault in haproxy=1.8.4

by Максим Куприянов
72 21 03/26/2018 10:50AM
Last Post by Willy Tarreau

Multi-certificate bundling and certificate,transparency extension

by Harald Leithner
45 1 03/24/2018 03:20PM
Last Post by Harald Leithner

compilation is broken without USE_THREAD=1

by Илья Шипицин
39 1 03/24/2018 01:20PM
Last Post by Илья Шипицин